Lightweight 7.1 Gaming Headset

Dive into an audio wonderland with HS71 gaming headphones. Feel like you’re wearing a cloud, thanks to their feather-light 293g build, snuggly flexible headband, and ear cups that twist and shout (or just rotate up to 90 degrees for your comfort). Get your game on with style – these RGB beauties come with a detachable braided cable and a noise-canceling mic that keeps the outside world at bay.

Over ear
Connection mode
Sound Channel
Virtual 7.1 CH
Drive unit size
Drive unit numbers
Volume control
Headphone sensitivity
Microphone sensitivity:
Speaker impedance:
Frequency Response
RGB Effect
16.8M RGB
Cable length (mm)
220 mm, Braided
Dimensions (WxDxH)

USB Connector Type
Detachable, 2 USB type-C cables adapted to USB type-A or 3.5mm jack
OS supports
Window 8/10/11

Crystal-Clear Symphony

Whether it’s a whisper or a boom, the 7.1 virtual surround channel through 50mm speakers provides a clear, pitch-perfect performance in your ears.

Comfort Couture

At only 293g, our light and ergonomic design with a sturdy frame and flexible headband adjusts to fit your head like it was made just for you.

Twist 'n' Shout

The 90° rotatable ear cups give your ears a break from the squeeze, leaving your head free from pressure so you can pwn noobs in a state of relaxation.

Quiet Quest

The detachable noise-canceling mic is your shield against the outside clamor, making your gaming zone a fortress of solitude.

Magic Cables

Two USB-C adapter cables detach and reattach like magic, connecting you to a world of 3.5mm and USB-A possibilities.

Show Your Colors

The 16.8M RGB display makes it clear to all who see – there’s a gaming maniac at play.